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Pure Water Supply

There are so many choices today for getting pure drinking water. Everyone knows that drinking several glasses of water a day is an essential part of living a healthy life. Read up on the many ways one can have the purest water possible for their families drinking water. Learning on how to get the best water source could be the most important thing you ever did for your overall health. Be sure to let others know what you find along the way.

  • Distilled Water
  • Ozonated Water
  • Tap Filters
  • Pitcher Filters
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Bottled Water
  • Tap Water
  • Zappicated Water

Pure Water Supply

People are starting to realize that pure, clean, healthy water is nothing to take for granted. There are so many differing trains of thought on what is best. Bottled water, tap water filters, pitcher filters, distilling, ozone treatment, ionic and colloidal silver, and even experimental north pole zappicating are just a few of today's trends in purifying water.

Distilled Water

WaterWise sells water distillers for personal use in the home. Distilling works by heating water and collecting the steam, cooling it back to pure water. All the impurities stay behind in the heating chamber, and only pure water is collected. There is some thought that one should not drink distilled water all the time because it does not contain any minerals. Distilled water can be used during a health program, as its own type of cleanse, and then one would return to non-distilled water for daily consumption.

Ozonated Water

Ozone has been used for years in the treatment of drinking water. More than likely the water treatment center in your area ozonates the water as part of their system. PortaZone UV makes these nifty little ozone machines for home use. You just put the end of the hose in your water, and bubble it with ozone. Ozone is known to destroy many impurities, and it just turns from O3 to oxygen (O2) when it dissipates.

Home Tap Filters

Filters that one hooks up to a home tap are convenient, but there are also concerns that the first time your tap filter removes a toxin, all your water is now coming through a filter containing this toxin. People do not change these filters too often, so the build up may be putting in more impurities than it's removing in the long run. Many people have turned to filter type pitchers, because they tend to change the filter monthly instead of once or twice a year like the tap water filters.

Pitcher Filters

Filters like a Brita or Pur are very popular. With a carbon filter that is easy to change every month, this may be one of the best ways to filter one's tap water. One just fills up the top of the pitcher, and the water filters down through the carbon filter into the clear container below. Everyone should have one of these. They are so good and easy to use.

Colloidal and Ionic Silver

Silver has been used for decades to purify water. Colloidal silver was used heavily before antibiotics were invented, and are now being used in space.

Bottled Water

So many people are drinking bottled water now. Lately, there have been concerns with the purity of bottled water. We all can taste that "plastic" taste that is in bottled water. Clear plastic is made with Cesium, which may be part of the plastic taste. Another odd thing, all beverages bottled in the US must be sanitized with propyl alcohol, a petroleum chemical. The alcohol sanitizes the inside of the bottle, but all of it does not rinse out. By the time you get your bottle of water, there are a lot of chemicals that could be in that water from the processing. Tap water does not have these problems, but there are other concerns with tap water.

Plain Tap Water

Tap water is getting a bad rap today, when it should be our best source for pure drinking water. Part of the concerns with tap water is the chlorine bleach process used in one's town to treat the drinking water. Chemicals have been known to be contaminated with other chemicals, even the old azo dyes that were taken off the market in the 70's. Some bleach brands are better than others. Each water treatment center is unique in the chemicals they buy. Because a chemical storage container may at different times contain different chemicals, over time a lot of cross mixing has occurred. Filters have become an everyday item because we are allowing our local water source to get lax in their maintaining of our water's quality.

Zappicated (north polarized) Water

There is a new trend in treating drinking water, it is still in its experimental stage, but it is the birth of an exciting new science. Polarized water, also called zappicated water is changing the way some people are now treating their home tap water. Water is known to be a dipole with a polar charge, one end positive, the other negative, just like a magnet. Dr. Hulda Clark has published her findings that water will hold any frequency that it comes in direct contact with. Dr. Clark has written a lot about how north polarized water is healthy water with all its best qualities, and south polarized water or food is bad for us. She published a design for a simple device that has a little tray with a speaker inside. One just places food or water on the tray, turns on the circuit, and the speaker's magnet will north polarize the water. This way it's easy to be sure that one's water is polarized north. It is thought that water may come in contact with an electrical field during it's transport through metal pipes. If any of the frequencies are negative, or south pole along the way, our water source could be south. A few minutes on the north pole zappicator turns the water back to north.

Your Body's Many Cries For Water

The most famous book about water is Dr. Batmanghelidj's book, Your Body's Many Cries for Water. If you would like to read more about how water keeps one healthy, this is the book to read. It is considered the Bible of Water. Dr. Batman (his nickname) says that one should drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day. Ozonated tap water is what he prefers. He says that because distilled water has no minerals, it can "suck" the minerals out of our body, and should only be consumed during a cleanse. This book will inspire you to drink more water.

Blessed Holy Water

Since ancient times, priests have blessed water. Holy water at church is the most common form still in existence. There have been some amazing studies done on blessed holy water. It seems that similar to polarized water, H2O can hold the frequency of positive affirmation. When a priest, shaman, or even you say a little positive prayer over water, the water actually holds on to the positive vibe. This is why saying grace before a meal is so important to so many cultures. Check out the microscopic photos of water crystals that have been blessed compared to non-blessed water at this interesting site on a study of Holy Water.

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